Aspire PockeX AIO Pocket Vape Photos

Check out all-new photos for the Aspire PockeX AIO Pocket Vape. This is a powerful Sub-ohm device which utilizes the Nautilus X U-tech Coil technology. The PockeX comes in black, white, gold, and stainless steel color.


Aspire PockeX AIO Sub-Ohm Pocket Vape Hits Hard!

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO
Being just a bit shorter than the iPhone 5s, the Aspire PockeX is the ultimate pocket All-in-One (AIO) device. Packed with a 0.6Ω stainless steel Nautilus X U-Tech coil, the PockeX is a sub-ohm device. The PockeX has a wider drip-tip and larger top-airflow allowing for increased vapor production.

PockeX’s discrete size and low-profile sub-ohm vapor production makes the PockeX your must-have vape while indoors or on-the-go.

Aspire PockeX Dimensions
Compact 11.77cm*1.97cm dimensions allow you to slide the PockeX into literally any pocket, bag or enclosure. The PockeX is one of the shortest tube shaped pocket AIO’s offering superb flavor and dense vapor production.

Aspire PockeX Colors
Available in Matte Black, Rose Gold, Pantone White and Stainless Steel, pick your favorite PockeX color today.

Aspire PockeX 0.6Ω Atomizer
Rated 18-23 watts, the PockeX Atomizer has a 0.6Ω 316L stainless steel coil. The PockeX adopts U-Tech coil technology.

Aspire PockeX Top-Fill Tank
The PockeX introduces top-filling in an innovative new way. The atomizer screws into the top cap instead of tank bottom. This allows you to replace the atomizer without draining E-Liquid from tank. PockeX’s top fill design allows you to drip, drop or pour E-liquid into the 2ML tank.

PockeX Top-Fill Instructions:
1. Unscrew and remove the top cap
2. Squirt your favorite E-Liquid  into the tank ( Do not exceed the Max line when filling)
3.  Screw the top cap to the PockeX tank

Important: When using the atomizer for the first time, make sure to let the E-liquid wick until the cotton is fully saturated before firing. This should take around 2-3 minutes according to E-Liquid thickness. This will ensure your atomizer does not burn out.

Aspire PockeX Accessories:
1*PockeX AIO (0.6Ω Atomizer Pre-installed), 1* Replacement Atomizer 1* Micro-USB Cable, 1* User Manual, 1* Warranty Card

Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi-Watt Tank: The new “Don”

Aspire Cleito 120 Intro:
The Aspire Cleito 120 is so ground-breaking it deserves a new class of its own: “Maxi-Watt” Tank. Maxi-Watts is the next level of high-power vaping. Ramp up to 120 watts and above to enjoy smooth airflow, intense flavor and gigantic vapor production. Cleito 120’s revolutionary new design enables it produce a controlled airflow and ultra-efficient wicking with thick VG E-Liquid. Cleito 120’s strengths are countless – Become the King of the Jungle today.


Aspire Cleito 120 Features:
– Smooth Controlled Airflow
– Instant Massive Vapor Production
– Unrivaled Scrumptious Flavor Production
– Large 4ML Tank Capacity
– Maxi-Watt Tank: 120+ Watt Rated


While Cleito 120 is rated at 120 watts, it can easily handle 160 watts and higher. Adjust wattage according to your particular E-Liquid’s characteristics and your own vaping preferences. Maxi-Watts is a new vaping style which is for the more experienced vaper who likes a warm, yet controlled vape with instant wicking and massive vapor production.

Unlike other sub-ohm tanks, the vapor production on the Cleito 120 is instant. Inhale for 2 seconds and exhale; There will be huge clouds in the air instantly. Enlarged wicking holes means the tank breathes without a hitch when chain vaping. The Cleito 120 is ideal for clould chasers and vapers who enjoy heavy yet smooth hits.

Ushering in the Maxi-Watt Era – The new preferred high-powered vape – Cleito 120




Aspire NX30 Mod is Compact & Stealth

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blog2Aspire NX30
The NX30 mod is a compact mod that can be used when on the go. Powered by a built-in LiPo battery, the NX30 supports up to 30 watts. The NX30 is the perfect size for low profile tanks. Take this essential battery mod wherever you travel for a more convenient vape.

NX30 Features
– 30w 2000mah compact Mod
– Aluminum Housing
– Lanyard strap included – Wear the NX30 everywhere
– Extremely Easy to Operate

blog5NX30 Specifications
Wattage Range: 1-30W
Output Voltage Range: 0.50V-8.00V
Resistance Parameters: 0.2ohm to 3.5ohm (Wattage may be less than 30 watts when coil resistance exceeds 0.2-2.1ohm).
Continuous Fire Time 10 seconds
Charging Port: Micro-USB
Screen: OLED 0.86 inch
Firmware Update: N/A
Dimensions: 22.5*36*60mm
Battery Capacity: 2000mah
Battery Type: Built-in LiPo

blog4NX30 Protection Features
– Auto Cut-Off
– Short Circuit Protection
– Over Discharge Protection
– Over Heat Protection
– Over Charge Protection



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Aspire NX40 Mod with CFBP is a powerful beast in disguise

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blog4Aspire NX40
The Aspire NX40 is the perfect miniature go-to mod. Being a low profile mod means the NX40 can comfortably fit in pockets, bags and virtually anywhere needed. NX40’s size also makes it a perfect fit for compact, low profile tanks as the sizes pair up naturally and aesthetically. Moreover, great craftsmanship, 5-button easy operation, and Customizable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP) makes the NX40 an essential addition to anyone’s vaping gear collection.

The NX40 has both Temperature Control (TC) and Wattage modes. It can be powered up to 40 watts. The NX40 is powered by a 18350 battery.

blog2NX40 Specifications
Wattage Range: 1-40W
Output Voltage Range: 0.00-8.50V
Resistance Parameters: In both Wattage Mode and TC Mode it can fire coil resistance from 0.1ohm to 3.5ohm (Wattage may be less than 40 watts when coil resistance exceeds 0.2-0.9ohm).
Continuous Fire Time can be adjusted from 5s to 15s
Charging Port:Micro-USB…

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Aspire X30 Rover Kit: Nautilus X & NX30 Mod On-the-Go Kit

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blog5Aspire X30 Rover Kit Intro:
X30 Rover Kit is the quintessential on the go vape solution. Rove the city streets, relax at home, or push through the busy morning commute on the way to your desk. The compact NX30 mod teamed together with the low-profile Nautilus X tank allows you to vape anywhere comfortably. Wherever the place, whatever you choose to do, the Aspire Rover kit is your perfect companion. Hassle-free and convenient vaping for busy lifestyles.

Aspire X30 Rover Features
– 30w 2000mah LiPo compact Mod
– Nautilus X Tank with 1.8Ω U-tech Coil
– Lanyard strap included – Wear the X30 everywhere


The X30 Rover Kit comes in four colors: red, blue, silver, black.

blog2X30 Rover Kit Contents
1* NX30 30 Watt Mod
1* Nautilus X Tank
(1.8Ωcoil 12-16w rated pre-installed)
1* Replacement Pyrex
1* Micro-USB Cable
1* Lanyard Strap
1* Warranty Card
1* User Manual

Check out…

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Aspire NX100 Mod – Customizable to the Bone

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blog3Aspire NX100
Perfection starts with precision design and development. The refined lines and rounded edges of the NX100 makes it very ergonomic. This 100 watt mod is powered by a long-lasting 26650mah battery. The NX100 supports Customizable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP) allowing you to adjust ramp up wattage when firing 1-10 seconds.

The NX100 boasts a 0.9″ color TFT screen. There are 12 color profiles allowing for multiple text and background color combos. This enables easy matching up of screen colors to NX100 and tank colors. The NX100 also features and easy custom logo feature. All features can be adjusted without connecting to computer and adjusting firmware. The NX100 is extremely easy to use.

blog4NX100 Specifications
Wattage Range: 1-100W
Output Voltage Range: 0.00-8.40V
Resistance Parameters: In both Wattage Mode and TC Mode it can fire coil resistance from 0.1ohm to 2.0ohm (Wattage may be less than 100 watts when coil resistance exceeds 0.1-0.4ohm).
Continuous Fire Time can be…

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Aspire Gusto Closed System & Gusto-Pods are ultra-Portable

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Gusto blog 01Aspire Gusto
The Aspire Gusto is a disposable tank e-vapor system. The Gusto is a pocket-sized device with a 100% leak-proof design. Boasting premium design, power and performance the Gusto is your on-the-go vaping solution.

Gusto Features
– Easy to Change Tanks – No Mess
– Premium Build Quality & Performance
– Compact & Pocket-Sized

Gusto-Pod Disposable Tank E-Vapor System

Aspire Gusto-Pod E-Vaper disposable tanks for the Gusto are filled with premium E-Liquids. With a wide variety of flavors and convenient availability, Gusto-Pods meet your vaping requirements wherever you are.

Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known
to the state of California to cause birth defects or other
reproductive harm.

This product is not a smoking cessation device and has not
been tested as such.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Ingredients: Vegetable…

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