Aspire Mara 200 – Marathon Mod doesn’t miss a beat

Aspire Mara 200 Mod is hot.

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blog1Aspire MARA 200
The MARA 200 is new long endurance mod from Aspire. Powered by dual 26650 batteries, the 200 Watt MARA 200 can literally be called marathon mod. Ramping up to 200 Watts and having great stamina are not the Mara 200’s only strengths.

Mara 200 boasts a large color OLED screen with g-sensor, doubles down as a power bank, and has a new intuitive UI for ease of use. Mara 200 also has the Customizable Firing Button Profile (CFBP) function. Start the Mara 200 today.

Aspire MARA 200 Features:
– Dual Bay 26650 for Great Longevity
– Large Color OLED – 4-direction G-Sensor
– Ramp up wattage of up to 200w
– Portable Power Bank Function
– Super Intuitive UI & Firmware Upgradeability

blog5Aspire Mara 200 Specifications
Wattage Range: 1-200W
Output Voltage Range: 0.00-8.40V
Resistance Parameters: In both Wattage Mode and TC Mode it can fire coil resistance…

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