Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit 4-in-1 Tank Released

Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit has you covered wherever you are.

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aspire-quad-flex-survival-kit-01Aspire Quad-Flex Tank – Survival Kit

Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit is a game changer. Rip up the vape rule book. Graduate to the different levels of vaping at your own pace. The Quad-Flex System provides the ultimate multi-device package complete with four configurations of atomizer in one streamlined kit. From the refined flavor beast and those who enjoy traditional tight pulls, to vaping cloud chasers, the Quad-Flex covers all bases.

1Quad-Flex 4-in-1: Four ways to Flex

From the refined flavor beast, mouth-to-lung, replaceable coil tank of the Nautilus X, to the all new cloud-chasing Quad-Flex drop-wick RDTA, when you rock the Quad-Flex, you are powered by the ultimate multi-usage atomizer

Survive any situation with the following quick-fit configurations:

  1. Quad-Flex RDTA – drop-wicktank with dual or single airflow
  2. Quad-Flex RDA with Turboline top airflow
  3. Quad-Flex squonker(bottom feed) RDA with Turboline top airflow
  4.  Nautilus X 2ML top airflow flavor tank

Do not settle for…

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