Aspire Cha-Cha Closed System, Cha-Pod E-Vapor Tanks for Portable Vaping

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The Aspire Cha-Cha is a disposable tank e-vapor system. The Cha-Cha is a pocket-sized device with a 100% leak-proof design. Boasting premium design, power and performance the Cha-Cha is your on-the-go vaping solution.

Aspire Cha-Cha takes Cha-Pod E Vaper disposable tanks. They are filled with premium E-Liquids.

cha cha blog 05Cha-Cha Features
– Easy to Change Tanks – No Mess
– Premium Build Quality & Performance
– 4.5ML E-vapor Pod – 100% Leak Proof Design
– Compact & Pocket Size

Cha-Cha Mod Specifications
Wattage: 35w Non-adjustable
Battery Capacity: 1800mah
Battery Type: Built-in Lipo battery
Continuous Fire Time: 10 seconds
Charging Port: Micro-USB port
Dimensions: 24*46*80mm

Disposable Tank Specs
– Capacity: 5ml
– 0.4ΩKanthal coil
– Organic cotton
– Bottom airflow

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