SJCAM SJ5000x Elite v1.4.7 Firmware Changelog

SJ5000x Elite Owners,

SJCAM Will be releasing a new v1.4.7 firmware for the SJ5000x Elite action camera. This release has been highly anticipated. It adds quite a few new functions.

SJ5000x Elite V1.4.7 Changelog:

SJ5000X V1.4.7

1. Updates charging icon
2. adds 16:9 Photo Capture
3. Adds 1440×1080 4:3 Record
4. Adds Super View mode 30fps
5. Adds Delayed Capture, Long Exposure , self time
6. Modifies the exposure time (real time, such as the choice of 5 seconds exposure time is accurate to 5 seconds, the original 10 seconds to complete)
7. Boot time to adjust increased – Press 3 seconds to boot (to prevent accidental touch)

Stay tuned this this blog as we will be releasing this firmware soon.

– SJCAM Team


SJCAM SJ7 Star 4K Ambarella A12 Sony IMX117 MIC Gyro Action Camera Coming Soon


The SJCAM SJ7 Star Action Camera is coming soon. The SJ6 Legend is similar to the SJ7 Star except for the Star has Real 4k instead of SJ6’s interpolated 4k. 

Here are some specs:

Image Sensor: 

SJCAM SJ7 Star uses a 12 MP Sony Sensor (IMX117), the same sensor used in GoPro Hero 4 black. 

The SJ6 Legend features a 16 MP Panasonic sensor, but is not capable of native 4K recording.



Chipset will be an Ambarella A12.

The main difference of these two SJ6 and the SJ7 Star is 4K resolution video recording. While SJCAM SJ7 Star is capable of real, native 4K resolution recording, SJ6 Legend is recording interpolated 4K. This is SJCAM’s first native 4K action camera. 

In addition, the body of SJ7 is made of metal, whereas SJ6’s boy is made of plastic. Both cameras feature a 2.0″ Touch Screen’s and can be hooked up with an external microphone.


Other SJCAM SJ7 Star Hot-spots Include: 

– 4K @ 24fps

– Stainless Steel Housing

– Gyro Stabilization

– 2.0″ Touch Screen

– External Mic Support

– 12MP Sony IMX117 Lens (Same as GoPro 2)

– Adjustable FOV

– SlowMotion 

– 2.4ghz Wireless Remote Support

And much much more.



Feel free to ask questions, comment or review the SJCAM SJ7 Star in the comments section of this blog. 



SJCAM SJ6 Legend Action Camera 16MP MIC Remote Touch Screen 4k – Coming Soon

The SJCAM SJ6 Legend may be a legend even before it was released. The SJ6 Action Camera has an endless number of hot features such as dual-LCD screen (one is a 2.0″ touch screen), Gyro Stabilization, External Mic Support, 2.4ghz Wireless Remote support, 4k (interpolated), Adjustable FOV, Novatek NTK96660 Chipset and much more.

The SJCAM SJ6 Legend will be releasing early October. Looking for the indoor and outdoor prototype footage, the SJ6 Legend is definitely giving GoPro 5 Sniper a fight for its money. At only $159.99 MSRP (RRP), the SJ6 Legend is only a fraction the cost of many name brand action cameras with lower specs.

Here are some SJCAM SJ6 Legend Hot-Spots:

– 4K @ 24fps (interpolated)
– 16MP Panasonic Sensor
– Dual Screens – 0.96″ Front; 2.0″ Touch Screen on back
– Gyro Stabilization
– Adjustable FOV
– Anti Fish-eye distortion
– FPV Mode
– External Mic Supported
– 2.4ghz Wireless Mic supported.

We will be embedding videos, posting pictures, SJ6 firmware and more on this blog.

Feel free to post your questions, reviews or comments here.


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