Hello SJCAM Fans,

The SJCAM SJ5000x Elite Firmware adds new functionality to the SJCAM and new UI.

sjcam_sj5000x_elite_v1-4-8_firmware_11_9″>v1.4.8 Firmware

1. Shortens time to enter preview after recording long exposure
2. Fixes Time Lapse video record time and App time being different
3. Re-adds Delayed Capture, Long Exposure functions
4. Fixes pixels issue when in Delayed Capture, Long Exposure
5. Upgrades to New UI and New Icons


1. Available to make future firmware updates through the APP.
2. Holding the OK button down for a long time can enable the Hot pixels correction
3. Updates charging icon to be bigger like SJ6’s.
4. adds 16:9 (4:3) Photo Capture
5. Adds 1440×1080 4:3 Record
6. Adds Super View mode 30fps
7. Adds Delayed Capture, Long Exposure , self time
8. Modifies the exposure time (real time, such as the choice of 5 seconds exposure time is accurate to 5 seconds, the original 10 seconds to complete)
9. Boot time to adjust increased – Press 3 seconds to boot (to prevent accidental touch)


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