SJCAM SJ360 SJCAM Zone 360 App Converter Allows you to Share Video to Facebook


The SJCAM SJ360 Action Camera / 360 degree aerial camera has 6 different modes allowing you to capture awesome video and pictures.

SJCAM SJ360 shooting modes perfect for each situation including:

Fisheye, Hemisphere, Sphere, Panorama, Cylinder, and VR.

One featured mdoe is Fisheye panorama. Featuring a 220° Super viewing angle lens, the SJ360 allows you to capture your full surroundings – live in the moment. The SJ360 App will also be called SJCAM Zone for SJ360. As with the normal SJCAM Zone you can share your videos and photos to social media.

Here is a link to the App page: SJ360 App

Stay tuned as we will be releasing more SJ360 app info on this blog.

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5 thoughts on “SJCAM SJ360 SJCAM Zone 360 App Converter Allows you to Share Video to Facebook

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  1. Believe me, I love SJCAM products, but the SJ360 is an incomplete product that should not be for sale.
    The hardware is EXCELLENT(Congratulations!), but the software / firmware is poor and incomplete.
    What´s good in a camera that traps your 360 degree videos inside it?
    The video 360º that I see in the app can not be posted anywhere.
    The application does not export to facebook / youtube (can you proves that I am wrong?).
    The conversion to put a 360º video on facebook requires the use of third party software(need Metadata injection?!?), this is when the conversion works, and even then only spherical videos are exported (can you proves that I am wrong?).
    I am very disappointed with this product.
    I hope you’ll soon create a BIG firmware upgrade, or Metadata injection conversion software or even a magic prayer for me to really can use my SJ360, making universal 360 degress movies.
    Otherwise it will have no utility, beyond a very expensive $ 150 funny picture´s app!


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