SJCAM SJ6 Legend V1.2 Firmware Update & Changelog

New Firmware for the SJ6 Legend 4K Action Camera has been released. Firmware changelog is included in the .rar file.
SJ6 Legend V1.2 changelog
1. Modify the TP touch sensitivity issue
2. Optimized TP touch, edge sliding
3. Press power button downn longer to boot added
4. Hold OK down to fix pixilation; press OK button down longer to lengthen time
5. modify the link APP, enter the album playback, the camera will turn off when button is pressed
6. Modified icon when Time-lapse photo is selected, small screen shows it as continuous shooting
1.Fixed purple frames issue
2.Optimized touch screen response sensitivity.
1.resolved the resolutions not matching APP settings issue.

Update TP IC to MSTAR
SJ6 V1.2 Download Link: SJ6 V1.2 A

You will need to install the loader file with starts with “L” onto your card and insert the card into to device. Once that is installed, remove card, and delete loader file. Then install SJCAM001.bin file and your camera will update properly.
Remember that if you have an iOS or Android smartphone, your camera will now automatically update firmware when it is connected with the SJCAM Zone app.
We will be having a v1.3 version soon so please stay tuned!

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