SJCAM SJ360+ Plus Panoramic Camera Photo Gallery

The SJCAM SJ360+ Plus improves on the single lens SJ360 by having 2 lenses for a 720 degree spherical panoramic view. We will have more specifications for this pano camera soon. For now, check out the SJ360+ pictures. Feel free to comment or ask questions here.


SJ7 v1.16 Native 4K Firmware Update Changelog

Hello SJCAM SJ7 Star Native 4k Action Camera owners. v1.16 firmware upgrade will be massive. Below are just a few of the updates that will be in the v1.16 firmware. 

SJCAM SJ7 Star v1.16 Firmware Changelog (In-Progress)

1. Adds Rotation function for video and photos – IQ improvement in progress. Removed for now

2. EV values adjusted to correspond with menu values.

3. Fixes FOV wide icon on 1080P 30fps and 60fps resolutions.

4. Fixes Russian language

5. Fixes Portuguese language

6. After restoring factory settings all 3 leds should flash.

7. Optimizes long exposure mode

8. Fixes touch calibration on the set time/date menu

9.  Scene Mode added: Normal / Flash / Night / Sports / Landscape / Portrait / Sunset / Fireworks / Water / Indoors / Night  Removed for now

     Effect Mode added: Normal / Art / Sepia / Negative / B&W/ VIVID / 70Film  Removed for now

10. Improvements on 120fps Slow motion quality (in progress)

11. Video Lapse Mode optimized. When long exposure is selected, timestamp will….(confirming)

12. Fixes when camera is in default camera mode, camera displays incorrect remaining memory card capacity amount. 

13. Fixes the Wide FOV icon when camera is recording in 1080P 30fps and 60fps resolutions.

14. Removes black link on the left side of screen when browsing full screen photo album as well during shutdown. 

15. Resets the camera’s default system time to the current month of latest firmware release. 

(The current fw date is 2017/08/01)

16. Adds Auto Low Light support for all resolutions. Auto low light mode turned on by default. 

17. Adds transmission mode to APP

18. Adds SJCAM logo watermark

19. Fixes when resolution is selected in the short-cut menu, the camera will now return to the correct UI interface.

20. Fixes when car mode is turned on, the camera will not turn off when unplugged from power bank. Connect the computer to select the U disk mode and unplug the data cable. The camera will not turn off

21. Fixes when in dashcam mode, change mode to photo mode and turn off camera; When power is removed and connected, camera goes into timelapse function (no longer does this).

22. Fixes the problem of 720P120 frame distortion

23. Increases touch screen sensitivity

24. Fixes Loop Recording bug

V1.16 Beta Download link: SJ7 V1.16 Beta5 (Aug 21)

Instructions on how to upgrade firmware: SJ7 Helpdesk

Online Manual: SJ7 Manual (updated to v1.15)

Please email for the beta firmware for testing or to to report fw bugs.


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