SJCAM SJ-Gimbal 3-axis Stabilizer Smooth-SJ Sj6 SJ7 Gimbal – Video Reviews!

We have received the prototype SJCAM Gimbal (SJ-Gimbal) now for a couple of days. We are pretty impressed by this versatile and stable device.

We have several reviews including:

SJ-Gimbal Unboxing Review – we show the packaging, Gimbal build and talk about the specs.

SJ-Gimbal Showing 4-modes – we show off the four modes it has and get ready to take footage outside.

Outdoor footage (in work) – This will be showing footage shot on the SJ-gimbal.

Please stay tuned and let us know if you have any SJ-Gimbal questions!


SJCAM Gimbal – SJ-GIMBAL 3-axis Stabilizer Photo Gallery

Great news to SJCAM Action Camera owners! The SJCAM Gimbal is being tested as we speak! While most Gimbals on the market will work with our cameras, the SJ6 and SJ7 will have a new “Gimbal Control” mode added. This will allow you to change the modes and settings using the SJCAM Gimbal. Other SJCAM models such as the M20, SJ4000 Wifi, SJ5000x etc can also be mounted on the Gimbal; But cannot be controlled by the SJ-Gimbal

We are still confirming the specs and which functions the SJCAM Gimbal will be able to control. In the meantime, feel free to check out several photos of the SJ6 and SJ7 mounted (pictures coming soon) on the Gimbal.

Stay tuned for more pics, specs, release date and pricing here and on SJCAM Official Blog.

SJCAM Gimbal Manual – 3-axis Stabilizer Instructions

SJCAM Gimbal User Manual V1.0
Please read user manual thoroughly before use.

1/ Product overview
SJCAM Gimbal is a 3-axis stabilizer newly promoted by SJCAM,which is compatible with SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6 LEGEND, SJ7 STAR and other action cameras of similar sizes and series.It covers wide usage through stabilizing the shooting of both static photo and dynamic video in your daily life, tours, sports and other scenes.

There are 4 built-in classic modes including Pan following, Locking, Pan-tilt following and Selfie mode. An 1/4 inch screw hole is reserved for connecting a tripod, an extension pod or other accessory kits to capture stunning motions in various settings.

At a glance
相机充电接口camera charging port
USB USB port
模式 mode
摇杆 joystick
电源开关 power switch
拍照录像 photo/ video
1/4英寸螺丝(孔) 1/4 inch screw hole
俯仰 tilt motor
横滚 roll motor
航向 pan motor
手绳穿孔:lanyard hole

● This product is compatible with SJ4000、SJ5000、SJ6、SJ7 and other action cameras of similar sizes as the following picture shows.
● Camera is excluded from this product; please make sure that your camera size matches this product!
● The 1/4 inch screw hole on the bottom applies to accessory kits that fits the connection.


Compatible camera size

Tilt angle range 320°
Roll angle range 80°
Pan angle range 320°
Tilt speed min 3°/s max70°/s
Pan speed min 5°/s max 120°/s
Theoretical runtime between charging: 14 hours(standby),13hours(in use)
Compatible with SJ4、SJ5、SJ6、SJ7 and other action cameras of similar size
Weight:350g (excluding camera)
Dimensions 260mm*82mm*107mm(without camera)

2/ Packing list
Handheld stabilizer x1 user manual x1 warranty card/qualified certificate x1 USB cable x1
PS: This product contains no cameras.


Mount the camera (switch off the camera before installation)
Loosen the camera holder screws, place the camera in the camera holder’s arms as the presented direction, and keep the camera as level as possible.
Tighten the screws and secure the camera in position.

● There is no need unscrewing completely.Loosen the screws enough to place the camera.
● It is important to balance the camera in order to make sure gravity center is stable before switching on the stabilizer.


Power Switch
● To turn on the stabilizer: touch and hold the power switch for few seconds. With the stabilizer powered on, it switches into its default mode— pan following, while the green indicator blinks; to turn off the stabilizer: press the power switch for a few seconds.


Direction Control
Direction control: push the joystick to control the vertical and horizontal movements of the camera.

Joystick instruction
Mode controllable adjustment operation
Pan following tilts the camera up and down
Locking tilts and pans the camera up and down,left and right
Pan-tilt Following N/A N/A
Selfie         tilts the camera        up and down

Modes Switch
To switch the modes, you can press the mode button according to the following instructions.
Mode Operation Notes
Pan following press mode button one time gimbal enters into pan following mode immediately when switched on; under pan-tilt following mode, press mode button one time and you can switch back to pan following.

Locking press mode button one time under pan following, press mode button to shift to locking mode.

Pan-tilt Following press the mode button one time under locking mode, press mode button one time and you can switch into the pan-tilt following mode.

Selfie tap mode button twice under any modequickly tap mode button twice with the interval time less than one second, andthen you can switch to the selfie mode.

Note: In selfie mode, tap twice or touch and hold mode button, the stabilizer will automatically reset and switch back to its pan following mode. In locking and pan following mode, if you touch and hold Mode button, the camera tilt angle resets without changing the modes.


Operation Modes
Pan Following Mode
Hold down on power switch to turn on the stabilizer and then the gimbal enters into pan following mode by default, or under pan-tilt following mode, press mode button once to switch to pan following mode.In this mode, with tilt and roll motors locked, pan motor can move horizontally along with hand movements and tilt angle can be adjusted by joystick.

Locking Mode
Press mode one time under pan following mode, and then you switch into locking mode. With pan, tilt and roll directions all locked up, camera direction does not move along with the holding hand. You can push the joystick to adjust pan and tilt movements.

Pan-tilt following Mode
Press mode one time under locking mode, and then you switch into pan-tilt following mode. With the roll motor locked, pan and tilt motors will automatically adjust along with hand movements, while the direction of camera is not controllable through joystick.

Selfie Mode
Quickly tap mode button twice to enter into selfie mode; with the tilt and roll motors are locked, pan motor moves along with horizontal movements of the holding hand; push and pull the joystick to adjust tilt angle. Tap the mode button one time, or press and hold down the mode button, and then the stabilizer can withdraw from selfie mode and shift into pan following mode.

Shooting and filming
Connect your camera and the gimbal tilt motor with the the camera cable included in the accessories, and thereafter you can start your shooting and filming through operations of Photo/ Video button.

Operations function
Tap one time shoot or start/stop filming
Tap twice switch between shooting and filming


Status Indicator
Mode/ status Blinking pattern
Pan Following mode SolidGreen
Locking mode Solid Red
Pan-tilt Following mode Solid Blue
Selfie mode Solid Blue and Red
Switch on In pan following mode by default, solid Green
Low battery warning Slowly pulsing by 1Hz in current Mode
Critical low-battery/error Quickly pulsing by 2Hz in current Mode
Charging Slow pulsing in current mode by 1Hz (in working status); pulsing red by 1Hz(in shut-down status)
Charging completed Solid light in its current mode (in working status); Solid Green(in shut-down status)
Gyros calibration Blink Blue and Green; turn to solid Green for 5s when completed
Accelerometer calibration Blink Blue and Green ; turn to solid Blue for 3s when completed

When stabilizer is switched on in a low battery status, the low battery warning will be triggered: indicator blink Red quickly; the motors are not functioning. Please charge in time.
Charging instructions:
Connect the USB cable mini port to the USB port on the handler of the stabilizer, with the other end linked to the charger with voltage of 5V, current of 2A. When the stabilizer is charged in working status, the indicator light slowly pulses in current mode by 1Hz. When the stabilizer is charged in shut-down status, the indicator light pulses red by 1Hz. When it is fully charged, the indicator will keep in the solid color of the current mode or turn to solid Green. Using PC for charging is not remanded due to slow charging pace.
● Before charging, please check if there is any damage on the USB cable and port; please avoid using damaged charging equipment.
● Avoid charging nearby the flammable and combustible material; avoid covering the charging stabilizer when it is charging; heed on the charging process in order to avoid any accident.
● After usage when the battery is of high temperature, please do not charge immediately; wait for it to cool down to ambient temperature before charging.

Charging the camera
When the stabilizer is fully charged, it can charge the camera through connecting the charging port with gimbal’s tilt motor.
When the stabilizer detects low battery, it will shut down this function automatically.

5/ Calibration and firmware upgrade
5.1 Calibration
Calibration is required where:
(1)the camera deviates from the horizontal position;
(2)in Locking mode, pan axis drifts slowly.
5.1.1 Software calibration
Calibration steps
1/Download stabilizer calibration software and driver software from SJCAM’s Official website download section, and install them on your computer.
2/ Turn off the stabilizer, connect it to the computer with the USB cable and press power switch. When the status indicator turns solid Blue, the stabilizer enters into calibration procedure.
3/ Check if there is a new device detected on the serial port showing on the device manager on your computer; if that is the case, move to step 4; if not, refer to Key Calibration.
4/ Start your calibration software, choose the USB serial device showing up in the previous step, keep your stabilizer in the initial zero position(as the following picture shows), click the “Connection” button.When it is connected successfully, click “IMU calibration” and complete calibration procedure. If the calibration fails, repeat step 2 and step 3.

5/ Calibration and firmware upgrade
5.1.2 Key calibration
To start the calibration, switch on the stabilizer, hold it in its upright and still position, and press both the Mode button and Photo/Video button at the same time for more than 2 seconds. When the indicator blinks Blue and Green, the stabilizer gets into key calibration process. When the calibration completes, the status indicator shows solid Blue for 3 seconds. After that, the stabilizer automatically enters to its Gyros calibration, and the indicator blinks Blue and Green. Indicator turns to solid Green for 5 seconds when calibrations processes complete, and the then stabilizer enters into its pan following mode.

Note: Please do not use USB cable to connect the stabilizer during key calibration.


5.2 Upgrading the firmware
USB upgrading
1/ Download stabilizer calibration software and driver software from the download section of SJCAM’s Official website, and install them on your computer;
2/ Turn off the stabilizer, and then connect it with the computer using USB cable. Press the stabilizer’s power switch. When the status indicator shows solid Blue, the upgrading is on.
3/ Check if there is a new serial device detected from serial port; if that is the case, move to step 4; if not, please use Bluetooth Upgrading.
4/ Start your calibration software, choose the USB serial device detected in the previous step, and click the “Connection” button. When it is connected successfully, click“UPGRADING” and complete upgrading process. If the upgrading fails, repeat step 2 and step 3.
Note: Make sure your PC stays connected to the Internet during the upgrade process.

6/ Troubleshooting
Please do not dissemble the hand-held stabilizer on your own; It may lead to malfunction.
Symptom Solution
Boot failure the batteries ran out; please charge.
Charging failure Voltage and current from the USB standard access end is not suitable:Please change suitable charger as the manual described.
Motor inability & abnormal noise Low Battery: please charge in time.

Fail to connect during calibration process USB circuit break: replace with new USB cable;
Stabilizer is not on its calibration and upgrading status: please refer to the calibration instruction and redo upgrading;
PC lacks relative drive software: connect to the internet and update drive software;

Receiving errors when calibrating and upgrading Poor contact of USB cable: Refer to the calibration and upgrading instruction and redo the process
Roll motor tilts in working status accelerator and gyro inaccuracy: please follow the calibration instructions and redo calibration.

7/Disclaimer and Announcements
Warning and Disclaimer
Please read this statement carefully before using this excellent stabilizer. Once this product is put into usage, it deemed that you have carefully read this disclaimer and warning, and you are acknowledged , understand and accept all terms and content of this statement.
Illegal use is prohibited. Users are fully responsible for the purchase and use of the product. The Company will not provide any service for users who obtained the product from unidentified channels. The company takes no responsibilities for the risks and liabilities during debugging and using the product (including direct,indirect or third party losses).
Due to firmware upgrading and transformation, functions described in this manual may change. Please read upgrading instructions carefully before upgrading the firmware. Please use the corresponding manual.
Technical specifications are subject to changes without further notice. The company assumes no responsibility for errors and omissions of this manual.


Stabilizer Notes
1/This product is a highly-precise device for control and stabilizing.It is not suitable for children to use. A fall or collision resulting from external force may lead to malfunction.
2/ After the completion of the stabilizer assembly, please make sure that the camera is installed properly, and then switch on the stabilizer. Keep the stabilizer stable and still before switching it on.Notice: Stabilizer may encounter a boot failure in a wobble state.
3/ Please make sure the three motors are free from any external resistance. If the joystick is not responding, the motors are weak,or it is in an unstable control, please charge. If the mentioned problem persists after fully charging, please contact after-sales services.
4/ This product is not water-proof, please avoid washing it or exposing it to any liquid. It is recommended to wipe it with a soft dry cloth.
5/ After using or putting it still, please make sure it is powered off.


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