SJ-Gimbal – Take your video-recording and photography to the next level.

The SJ-Gimbal is a 3-Axis Motorized Stabilizer that works perfectly with your SJCAM Action Cameras. It also works wellwith other similarly-sized video recording devices.

The SJ-Gimbal allows for shooting smooth, vibration and shake-free video footage. SJ-Gimbal also allows for taking crisp photos of your travels, adventures, and other indoor or outdoor activities.

SJ-Gimbal gimbal control mode allows you to capture photos and record video at the press of a button; This mode is for SJ6 & Sj7 series only. Other SJCAM series that can be mounted include: SJ4000 and SJ5000 series.

SJ-Gimbal Features:
3-Axis Stabilization
Gimbal Control Mode for SJ6 & SJ7
Mount SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6 & SJ7 Series
Charging through Stabilizer
Joystick Control
1/4″ Screw Mount
Supports Most Action Cameras

Check out the full SJ-Gimbal specs on the SJ-Gimbal product page.