SJ4000 Air 4K Action Camera – SJCAM SJ4000 Wifi Air is 2018’s Finest Budget Cam!

The SJ4000 Air 4K Action Camera has had a limited release of black. We will be getting more colors once the SJ4000 Air 4K Action Camera is officially released.

How many of you have heard of the SJ4000 Wifi? Well, the SJ4000 Air is new budget 4K action camera for 2018!

SJCAM SJ4000 Air 4K Action Camera Hot-Spots:
– Simple design, lightweight.
– HD Recording, restore every detail.
– Accessories are complete, to adapt to variety of occasiong.
– Maximum support 128G memory card.

SJ4000 Air 4K Action Cam Specifications:

Model SJ4000 AIR
Chipset Allwinner
Screen 2.0 LTPS
Lens 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens
Image Resolution 16MP/ 12MP/ 8MP/ 5MP/ 2MP
Video Resolution 4K(3200*1800)30fps/ 2.7K(2688*1520)30fps/ 1080P(1920*1080)60/30fps/
Format MOV
Compression H.264
Storage Micro SD
Connection USB2.0, WIFI
Operation system Windows XP or later, OSX10.4 11 or later

SJ4000 Air 4K Package Contents:

1 X SJCAM SJ4000 AIR Action Camera 1 X Waterproof Case 1 X Bicycle Stand
1 X Frame Mount 1 X Audio Back Door 1 X USB Cable
3 X Switch Support 1 X Fixed Base 1 X Adapter
1 X Mount Base 1 X Helmet Base 1 X Band
1 X Tape 1 X Cleaning Cloth 1 X Sticker

18 thoughts on “SJ4000 Air 4K Action Camera – SJCAM SJ4000 Wifi Air is 2018’s Finest Budget Cam!

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      1. which one is cheaper between sj4000 wifi and air? I bought sj4000 air yesterday but the video resolution is very poor and not sharp at all. 1080p 60fps video seems like Vga video. what do you think about this issues maybe because of firmware or lower spec sensor? Thanks in advance


  1. Please check your post on the accessories part. You stated that there’s a frame, audio backdoor, bicycle stand and cleaning cloth which doesn’t exist in SJ4000 Air’s package as shown on your post and my own SJ4000 Air accessories is the same as the picture, not the words.
    Should also note in your post that there’s out of focus/blurry issues with this Air version.


  2. Hello,
    This camera is nothing short of amazing! I do not have much experience in action cameras, but this one definitely meets my standards. I used a GoPro on vacation last year and was so confused by the settings and making sure it was running that I didn’t really focus on what I was doing (which was parasailing). At the end, we got a good video with audio, but I was slightly disappointed in the video quality, I mean, we did pay 100 dollars to use it for less than an hour! So, when I was looking for camera’s, I wanted to make sure I got something that had a live-action screen, as well as a front facing indicator that it was, in fact, running. When I found this camera for 1/3rd of the price of a GoPro with similar features, as just as amazing reviews, I could not pass it up! This camera has so many accessories that I would be crazy to ever need to buy anything else for it. Plus, it has the waterproof case so we can take it to Hawaii this year! The video quality is phenomenal and all the buttons are easy to push through the waterproof case. There are tons of features to adjust your video and picture quality, the color it films in, the ways that you can start and stop video. It is incredible. I have been playing with it for an hour and still haven’t even touched on its possibilities. Did I mention the accessories?!? It even comes with two batteries and a battery charger so you can have one extra battery at all times without having to spend an additional 50 dollars on a second battery (aka GoPro). If you are looking for name brands that you can flaunt all over social media, this is not what you want. However, if you are looking for an amazing action camera that you can take everywhere and make sure you are getting good shots? This is what you want. Stop the research, stop the price comparing, and buy this!


  3. No one answers on or, I bought this camera, everything works fine, the app, the wifi, the screen…BUT!, the image quality is just horrible, not even in 4K. The footage seems to come from an early 2005 VGA web camera. I have given the serial numer to the website and it is original but I don´t know what is happening.


  4. AV output feature through micro USB is supported by SJ4000 air?
    I have a plan to use it for FPV camera. is it possible? I can’t find any document about this.
    Please teach me.. Thanks!! =)


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