Hello SJ7 Star Native 4k Action Camera owners, V1.21 third version (r3) is coming soon. In addition to adding RAW, it will also fix some other issues.

V1.21 A12 Changelog (Jan 30):

1. Adds RAW function

2. Fixed LCD returning from sleep issue.

3. Fixed 720p 120/240fps screen aspect-ratio problems

4. Update SJCAM shutdown LOGO

5. Optimized loop mode to remove no-sound issue in last 2 frames

6. Optimize video refresh function

7. Fixed the issue of going into failed timelapse when powering on from Quick Record.

8. Optimize the long exposure On camera interface to switch to normal video and then switch back to regular camera pictures, fixes black screen problem

9. Optimize the screensaver mode when disconnecting the charger, fixes black white-screen problem


V1.21r3 fw download Jan 30 edition.

Let us know if you have any bug reports or questions!


PG Team