What’s a Super Bat? A 220w Vaptio Vape Mod with Super Powers aka SuperBat

The Super Bat 220w Mod a.k.a. SuperBat is the long-awaiting super hero themed 220 watt mod by Vaptio. The Super Bat’s cousin, the Wall Crawler is the first hero from the superhero lineup.

unnamed (5)
The Super Bat comes in three different colors: black, silver and red. Posh Gadgets was able to get our hands on the black Super Bat vape mod as well as the black Frogman W8 multi-core sub-ohm tank. Here is a quick unboxing review:

The things we liked about the Vaptio Super Bad mod are;


  • Superbat has a high quality build and feel – This mod does not feel light and cheap.
  • Superbat has cool 1.3″ TFT color screen and Awesome UI – This has go to be one of the best 1.3″ screen UI’s in the vaping market so far.
  • Cool flashing bat eyes and bat wings – Flashes when in standby mode. This is a cool feature especially during sunset or at night. Would be cool if there was a stealth mode for those who don’t want the LED lights flashing.
  • Very power mod with instant firing power – While is mod is surely targeted for sub-ohm vapers, it can also be paired with a mouth-to-lung tank.

There aren’t many cons on this mod. But I have found one;


To be honest, the only thing we would like to see more of is better documentation. We may be writing a tutorial on how to upgrade firmware, etc.

Feel Free to let us know if you have any Vaptio Bat Mod, Wall Crawler Kit, N1 pro kit or Frogman W2 W4 W6 W8 questions here.
unnamed (3)

Check out the official page for the SuperBat Mod Here.



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