Vaptio C-Flat Mini Refillable Pod System Coming Soon!


Vaptio C-Flat Mini is a much sought after device in the crowded pod device arena. The compact “mini” size of this soon to be released device, paired with epic flavor, make the C-Flat Mini a must-have device.

Just like its distant cousins, the C-Flat and C-Flat Executive, the C-Flat mini will come in several color options ensuring you will a color that most suits your tastes.



C-Flat Mini Hot-Spots:

  • Compact & Stylish – Perfect On-the-Go Vape
  • Patented Ceramic Atomizer Tech
  • 250 Puffs On Average per Cartridge

C-Flat Mini Device Specs:

Materials: Aluminum Alloy & PC




Output Wattage:9W

Output Voltage:3.2-4.2V

Coil : 1.5Ω Ceramic

Atomizer Capacity:1.3ml

USB Charging:DC 5V /0.5A


TANK- C-Flat Mini Pod Tank Specs:

Dimension: 11.9*20.6*37.7mm

Capacity: 1.3ml

Fill type: TOP Fill

Coil :1.5Ω(Ceramic)

Color: Black


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Vaptio Solo F2 Starter Kit + Frogman X2 Coils – Hygienic AIO Pocket Vape Coming soon!

How many of you are looking for a new pocket vape? Look no more further than the Solo F2 Starter kit.
This kit has many cool features such as a magnetic hygienic cap with airflow holes, and magnet at the pen base so you can snap the cap on ,while vaping without losing it.

Other cool features are it has a new Frogman X2 coil cartridge which is compatible with devices from Smok, Joyetech and Vaporesso.
Vaptio’s X2 coil is premium as it uses organically grown USA cotton for enhanced vaping flavor. The tank has an child-proof anti-leak film that prevents e-liquid from dripping out when tank cap is removed during filling.


The Solo F2 also has cool indicator lights on the fire button. Different colors will let you know how full the 2200mah (large) battery is charged.

Vaptio Solo F2 Hot-Spots:

– Compact & Portable – Around the length of the C-Flat Executive kit – Perfect pocket-vape.

– Organic USA Cotton for enhanced flavor

– New Frogman X2 coils readily available in local vape shops – Use coils from Vaptio, Joyetech, Smok, Vaporesso etc.

coil compatiblility

– Anti-spill child-proof design – prevent messy spills or children from ingesting e-liquid with a plastic film over e-liquid wells.


–  Easy-to-Refill (Top-Fill)

solo f2 top fill

–  Premium build –  Carbon Fiber Design – elegant, high quality, nice feel.

– Large 2200mah battery with full battery protections – Lasts more than one day on a single charge.

Solo f2 battery protections

– Battery level indicator cue lights – different colors act as barometer for battery level.


–  Five Solo F2 Colors – choose your favorite color from black, grey, blue, red, pink.

solo f2 colors

–  Hygienic Magnetic cap – Caps has slots to vape while installed onto drip-tip – remove the cap without losing it by snapping the cap to the magent at bottom of base

Magnetic Dust-Proof Cover:

solo f2 dust-proof cover

solo f2 cover 2


Vaptio Solo F2 Size Comparison: 

solo f2 size comparison.png

Vaptio Solo F2 Colors:

solo f2 colors

It is 22mm in diameter with Carbon fiber material and liquid capacity of 2.0ml,  it can support up to 50W.

Its transparent glass atomizer tube allows you to clearly see the liquid consumption with a simple glance.

The SOLO F2 has Magnetic Dust-proof Cap , which is easy for taking out in the pocket. And with the new

0.25ohm FROGMAN-X2 Coil,  Will bring you the massive vapor as well as excellent flavor!


Solo F2 Specifications: 

Size: 22X127.5mm

Battery: 2200mAh

Weight: 107g

Resistance Range: 0.2-3.0Ω

Power: 50W max

Voltage Range: 3.4-4.2V

Material: Stainless steel & stainless iron & Carbon fiber

Capacity: 2ml

Coil: Frogman x2 0.25Ω  (universal base)


solo f2 specifications

Vaptio Solo F2 Schematics:

solo f2 schematic diagram

Vaptio Solo F2 Package Includes:







Feel free to learn more about the Vaptio Solo F2 Starter Kit by visiting:



Vaptio Spin-It Vape Pen – Innovative Vaping Solution


What is the coolest looking vaporizer you’ve seen?  The Vaptio Spin-It has won an innovative design award. We will explain the features and show of the cool award-winning design in this review.





When the drip tip is spun and kept inside, the power supply is cut off, thus

the risk of false operation such as ’pocket-vaping’ is ultimately terminated.


As most vapers already know it that making great taste is Vaptio’s strong suit. Part of the secret is that ultimate high quality organic cotton imported from Japan is applied in SPIN IT’s coil, so to deliver amazing depth of taste, and to offer better durability than traditional medical grade cotton.



SPIN IT is born to be your pocketable babe, and you are made to be the beneficiary of its compact design and leak-proof engineering. Simply spin it and stick it in your pocket and go.



Don’t blame yourself if you couldn’t take your eyes off it, or if you couldn’t help but keep grabbing and playing with it – it’s not your fault! Vaptio’s product designer certainly went the extra mile and carved every detail to make sure SPIN IT looks stunning, and more importantly, to make sure YOU look stunning when you are vaping it.



① Hold the tank, and open the silicone cap.

② Inject e-liquid into the tank, AVOID dripping into the central airflow tube.

③ Firmly close the silicone cap, and plug the tank in the mod. Prime it and let the cotton soak for 3-5 minutes before usage.



SPIN IT features a micro USB port at the bottom,

for the charging of its 650mAh battery.


Vaptio Spin-It Vape Kit – Hygienic Vapping Solution

When it comes to vaping safety most people’s immediate thoughts turn to batteries and equipment. However there is a much more common threat to the health and well being of vape users and that’s vaping hygiene.


The subject of vaping hygiene is something that we’ve all thought about . Have you ever worried about cleanliness and hygiene when you put your vape kit on the table?


If you haven’t, maybe its something you need to consider. Lurking on the top of most surfaces are nasty bacteria and germs that can easily be transferred, through direct contact, to your vapes drip tip thereby increasing the potential risk of mouth infections.


In the past many counter measures have been developed to improve vape drip tip hygiene including silicone caps, drip tip condoms and carry bags, but today they just became obsolete.


Introducing SPIN IT – The New Generation of Hygienic E-Cigarettes

Introducing Vaptio’s newest pod style pocket vape, the Spin It. The revolutionary award winning design of this hygienic, pocket friendly vape enables the user to keep the drip tip inside the body of Spin It when taking a break from vaping. The result, a cleaner more hygienic drip tip to enhance your vaping pleasure.


spin it pocket vape


How does the Spin It Hygienic Vape Kit Work?

Like all good innovations the Spin It, drip tip is a simple, vape design, innovation that delivers maximum impact. In fact the design is so good it recently won an IF Design Award 2018.


award winning pocket vape design


For those of you who don’t know IF is here’s a quick overview.


For 65 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design. The iF label is renowned worldwide for outstanding design services, and the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world.Submissions are awarded in the following disciplines:Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design/UX, Architecture and Interior Architecture as well as Professional Concept.All awarded entries are featured on the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE,


Anyway back to operating the Spin It.


To operate the Spin It you simply flip the reversible lid to expose your drip tip and its time to vape. When you’ve finished vaping simply flip the lid to spin your drip tip back inside the vape.


When the drip tip of Spin It is spun and kept inside, the vape kit can be left on any surface or carried round in your pocket, suitcase or handbag without needing to worry about the intrusion of dust, dirt and liquids.


Of course the Spin It is also designed with Vaptio’s drip proof technology so you can feel comfortable there will be no leaks in your bag or pocket.


As a further protective measure, when the drip tip is spun inside the power supply is simultaneously cut off , thus the risk of false operation, such as pocket vaping, is ultimately terminated.

SPIN IT E-Cigarette Key Features

spin it pocket vape.jpg

So what else is cool about Vaptio’s new SPIN IT Vape Kit? Let’s take a quick look at the other key features of this innovative pocket vape..


First of all design. The Spin It features a compact design and leak proof engineering. It comes in a choice of 3 great colors , black red and mocha and its clear to see the product designer really went the extra mile to make a stylish looking e-cigarette. .


The pocket vape features a 650mAh battery capacity delivering an output power of 10-15 watts with a 1 ohm coil. The Spin It comes fully fitted with a built in 1.8ml capacity tank and coil. To operate simple add your favorite juice through the user friendly top fill tank and you’re ready to go.


So ho does it vape? The combination of battery power and coil deliver a flavorful, rich dense vape experience in every puff.

Japanese Organic Cotton Coil

So how do we create that great vape taste? At Vaptio we’re all about creating a great taste so when it comes to coil cotton only the best will do. One of the secrets to Vaptio’s great flavor is the high quality Japanese organic cotton used in our Spin It Coils.


Much more durable than the traditional medical grade cotton the Japanese organic cotton delivers an amazing depth of taste


So Who Is The Spin It For?

The Spin It’s award winning hygienic design makes it the ideal pocket size vape for those who are on the go. Whether you’re out and about for work or play you can feel comfortable knowing you’re vaping safety is protected with the Spin It.

Try it today and tell us what you think .W e’d love to get your feedback so please comment below and support us by sharing on your favorite social networks.


Happy Vaping!

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