Vaptio Capt’n Kit Arrives! 220w Mod + PARAGON Tank – Experience Epic High-Watt Vaping Pinnacle!


Vaptio Introduces ….

The Capt’n Kit & Capt’n Paragon Kit Preview Trailer

  • Instantaneous Epic Flavor – 0 to 220 watt Throttle in 0.005s
  • IML (In-Mould Labelled) Panels & Zinc Alloy Frame   IML

Allow for a Compact & Lightweight – 220 Watt Power-House!


Enjoy a World of Vivid, Intricate & Infinite Design Options  

How important is Taste & Vapor production to you?


Don’t Worry, Capt’n Series tanks have got you Covered….



First Option: Capt’n Tank Features…..


Capt’n Tank Hot-Spots:
– 4ml Tank Capacity (w/ 2ml TPD versio)
–  Larger airflow surface for increased vapor production
–  Comes with Frogman W8 & W2 universal base coils


Vape Your Way!



Second Option: Paragon Tank

Paragon Tank Hot-Spots:

– 8ML Fatty Glass & 2ML TPD Tube Options

– Mesh & Strip Coil Options – Endless Flavor Cornucopia

– Instant & Smooth Airflow – Comfortably Enjoy High-Watt Vaping


Stay tuned to Vaptio BLOG HERE  for more Capt’n Kit & Capt’n Paragon Kit details!




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