selpic s1+ plus only 100 sets

The Selpic S1+Plus quick-drying handy printer will go live at 8pm EDT on November 11 (11.11).  The quick drying special will be on sale for only $149 (50% off). There will only be 100 sets offered at this heavily discounted price. Make sure to pledge early to ensure you get the S1+ plus at this discounted price.


What is the difference between the S1+ and the S1?

The S1 has 1/2″ print head, S1+ has 1.0″ print head. The rest is all virtually the same. Different applications require a wider print nozzle.

selpic S1 vs s1+ handy printer

For most office / DIY applications, the half-inch nozzle should be enough, but, for those who need a 1-inch nozzle, then back the S1+ plus on Kickstarter.

When can I buy the S1 / S1+ handy printers?

The 1/2″ nozzle S1 will be on pre-sale on and on Amazon. pre-order s1 s1+

What makes the S1+ Special compared to the competitors? 

From the comparison chart below you can see that the Selpic S1+ supports many features that the others simply do not. Also, the Selpic specs are accurate whereas the competitor specs are shady, to say the least. Take for example, “Standby Time” – which kind of battery supports a one-year standby time?

Other highlights of the S1+ are it will be open source, have Mac and Windows software, support SDK development and much more.


We have also boiled the main features of the S1+ vs competitors in this shortened chart:

s1+ vs princube vs printpen
Why choose the Selpic S1+?

The Selpic S1 is the world’s first quick-drying handy printer. Compatible with Android and iOS,  the S1 handy printer presents endless printing possibilities.
Selpic’s quick-drying Inkjet technology allows you to literally print on any surface and in any direction. Selpic’s patented QDP (Quick-Dry Printing) ink technology allows you to permanently print on non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic and metal.

What can S1+ plus print on

How easy is the Selpic S1+ Plus to operate?

Operation is extremely easy. First connect to the Android / iOS app, then upload or customize your design, then print! Changing the cartridges is also very simple.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Does the Selpic S1+ support color printing? 

Due to the fact that the Selpic S1+ has a quick-printing cartridge, the ink cartridge only supports one color. The S2 or S3 will support color printing though (probably water-based ink (not quick drying).

The Selpic quick-drying ink cartridges come in 6 different colors: black, red, blue, yellow, green, florescent.


What are some of the Selpic S1 ink cartridge features?

s1+ cartridge features

What is the difference between quick-drying and water-based ink cartridges?

Water-based ink cannot dry on glossy (non-porous) surfaces. This means that the ink will not dry when printed on tables, windows (glass), metals (macbook), or plastics.

why choose s1+ handy printer
What comes in the Selpic S1 / S1+ Plus box?

  • S1+ Plus handy printer
  • Quick-drying ink cartridge (black)
  • USB charging cable
  • S1 printer dock
  • User manuals

what's included

Not sure which S1 / S1+ deal pack is best for you? Check us out at and we’ll have links to our Kickstarter / Indiegogo pages!

Previews of back packages are below:

Selpics s1+ kickstarter packages