SJ7 Star v1.20 Firmware Upgrade & Changelog

SJ7 Star v1.20 Firmware Changelog

1. Adds Gimbal mode

2. EIS (Gyro Stabilization) updated to EIS2.0 (improved stabilization)

3. Adds distortion correction for the following resolutions:

(2.7K*30fps 4:3) (2.7K*30fps SV) (2.7K*30fps 16:9) (2.5k*30fps 16:9)

(1440P*60fps 4:3) (1440P*30fps 4:3) (1080P*60fps 16:9) (1080P*30fps 16:9) (1080P*60fps SV) (1080P*30fps SV) (960P*60fps 4:3) (960*30fps 4:3) (720P*60fps 16:9) (720P*30fps 16:9)

4. Adds 2160*24fps resolution

5. Optimizes Russian

6. Adds Loop Recording up to 3 minutes (default) (loop record this audio fix is coming).

7. Improves TV mode PAL 720P*120fps SV image quality.

8. Adds distortion correction (anti-fisheye)! 

V1.20 Download Link: v1.20 FW




SJ-Gimbal 3-Axis Action Camera Stabilizer Description + Pictures

SJ-Gimbal – Take your video-recording and photography to the next level.

The SJ-Gimbal is a 3-Axis Motorized Stabilizer that works perfectly with your SJCAM Action Cameras. It also works wellwith other similarly-sized video recording devices.

The SJ-Gimbal allows for shooting smooth, vibration and shake-free video footage. SJ-Gimbal also allows for taking crisp photos of your travels, adventures, and other indoor or outdoor activities.

SJ-Gimbal gimbal control mode allows you to capture photos and record video at the press of a button; This mode is for SJ6 & Sj7 series only. Other SJCAM series that can be mounted include: SJ4000 and SJ5000 series.

SJ-Gimbal Features:
3-Axis Stabilization
Gimbal Control Mode for SJ6 & SJ7
Mount SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6 & SJ7 Series
Charging through Stabilizer
Joystick Control
1/4″ Screw Mount
Supports Most Action Cameras

Check out the full SJ-Gimbal specs on the SJ-Gimbal product page.

SJCAM SJ-Gimbal 3-axis Stabilizer Smooth-SJ Sj6 SJ7 Gimbal – Video Reviews!

We have received the prototype SJCAM Gimbal (SJ-Gimbal) now for a couple of days. We are pretty impressed by this versatile and stable device.

We have several reviews including:

SJ-Gimbal Unboxing Review – we show the packaging, Gimbal build and talk about the specs.

SJ-Gimbal Showing 4-modes – we show off the four modes it has and get ready to take footage outside.

Outdoor footage (in work) – This will be showing footage shot on the SJ-gimbal.

Please stay tuned and let us know if you have any SJ-Gimbal questions!

SJCAM Gimbal – SJ-GIMBAL 3-axis Stabilizer Photo Gallery

Great news to SJCAM Action Camera owners! The SJCAM Gimbal is being tested as we speak! While most Gimbals on the market will work with our cameras, the SJ6 and SJ7 will have a new “Gimbal Control” mode added. This will allow you to change the modes and settings using the SJCAM Gimbal. Other SJCAM models such as the M20, SJ4000 Wifi, SJ5000x etc can also be mounted on the Gimbal; But cannot be controlled by the SJ-Gimbal

We are still confirming the specs and which functions the SJCAM Gimbal will be able to control. In the meantime, feel free to check out several photos of the SJ6 and SJ7 mounted (pictures coming soon) on the Gimbal.

Stay tuned for more pics, specs, release date and pricing here and on SJCAM Official Blog.

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