SJCAM M20+ Air 4K Action Camera – SJ4000 Air 4K’s Budget Cam Cousin

The SJCAM M20 Air Action camera will be the cheaper 2018 budget version of SJCAM’s legendary M20 4K Action Camera. The M20Air will have the same cool form factor and weight but will have a slightly lower-spec chipset and sensor. Don’t worry though! The SJCAM M20 Air should be a lot cheaper than the m20 making it pretty much more affordable than SJCAM’s best-selling model, the SJ4000 Wifi.
Stay tuned for more SJCAM M20 Air 4K Action camera specs, reviews, release dates pricing and more!



SJCAM M20 Air 4k Action Camera AKA SJ4000 Air’s cousin Coming Soon!

How many of you liked the relatively cheap price of the SJCAM M20 compared to the SJ5000x? The $30usd discount was pretty big considering the functionality was practically the same.

If you are looking for an even more discounted budget action camera, look no further than the SJCAM M20 Air. The M20 Air will be similar to the SJ4000 Air in that it will use slightly lower specs for the sensor and chipset, but this will translate to big savings as the purchase til.

The M20 Air will have similar functions an  sensor instead of Sony.

More M20 Air specs are coming soon so stay tuned!


SJCAM M20 Action cam: Official Reviews

Posh Gadget Reviews stumbled across a two-part video review for the SJCAM M20. The SJCAM M20 is SJCAM’s smallest camera to date. At 40mm x 26.5x52mm and weighing in at just 54grams, the SJCAM packs a lot in its small package.

Part I review does a complete unboxing showing the M20 packaging, manual, accessories, waterproof case and M20 camera build. Part II showcases SJCAM M20’s new User Interface (UI), menu settings and talks a bit about the new features. M20 has many of the same SJ5000x features if not more.

Stay tuned to PoshGadgets as we will be writing an in-depth review and maybe shooting some video footage if we can get a sample unit.

Buy M20 for 109usd today: SJCAM M20




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