SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air – SJ6-Air 4K coming soon

SJCAM’s SJ6 Legend has been an instant success. SJCAM is planning to release a “lighter” version that has only one 2.0″ touch screen instead of dual screens. The SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air will be the latest action camera to be added to the SJCAM 4k camera arsenal.

The SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air edition will be be similar to the regular SJ6 Legend but will have only one 2-inch touch screen on the back. The SJ6 Legend Air or Air will come in the same black, silver and rose gold colors.

SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air Features: 

4k@24fps (Interpolated)

Gyro Stabilization

2.0″ Touch Screen

External Mic Support

External Remote Support


We will confirm other specs such as the sensor shortly. Stay tuned for more SJ6 Legend Air news, reviews and specs.


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