SJCAM SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus , SJ8 Air – When will they release? SJ8 Series Update!

SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus and SJ8 Air 4k action cameras will all be released on the same date. Estimates are some time in April. Stay tuned for more SJCAM SJ8 Series information and reviews!

Since people are still going to ask, “So when exactly will the SJ8 pro release?”

The answer to this question is: “When all three models are ready to be released.”

This means SJCAM will not be rushing releases due to huge popular demand. SJCAM wants to make sure the cameras are fully ready for the consumer market. This means they are currently adjusting many things may it be the firmware, app, or hardware.

When you finally get your hands on a SJ8 Series 4K action camera, you will know your wait was worth it.

While there is no way to tell when SJCAM will exactly be ready to release, we know they will close down for most of February for the Chinese New Year holiday.

Add another 1.5 months for finishing adding functionality and testing and we are looking at around April 15. This is the same month the SJ7 Star started shipping regularly in 2017.

Right in time for Summer vacation and Back-to-School! Yeah!

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the SJ8 series in our comments section.

SJCAM would like to thank everyone for your continued patience!

– PoshGadgets Team





SJCAM SJ8 Plus Native 4K Action Camera IMX117 Specs

SJCAM SJ8 Plus is the second most powerful camera in the SJ8 series. Equipped with a Novatek NTK96683 chipset and 12mp sensor, the SJ8 Plus records native 4K at 30fps. Other features include: 2.33″ touch screen, 7G Lens, H.265, gyro stabilization, external microphone & remote support.

Novatek 96683
4K / 30fps 1080P / 120fps
Photos: 12mp
7G Aspherical Lens
2.33” IPS Touch Screen / 0.96″ Front Screen
30M Water Fesistant
1200mah Battery
*External Remote & Mic Optional

Stay tuned to Poshgadgets as we will be releasing more definitive specs, photos, release dates and pricing as the information slowly comes from our sources at SJCAM.


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