SJCAM SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus , SJ8 Air – When will they release? SJ8 Series Update!

SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus and SJ8 Air 4k action cameras will all be released on the same date. Estimates are some time in April. Stay tuned for more SJCAM SJ8 Series information and reviews!

Since people are still going to ask, “So when exactly will the SJ8 pro release?”

The answer to this question is: “When all three models are ready to be released.”

This means SJCAM will not be rushing releases due to huge popular demand. SJCAM wants to make sure the cameras are fully ready for the consumer market. This means they are currently adjusting many things may it be the firmware, app, or hardware.

When you finally get your hands on a SJ8 Series 4K action camera, you will know your wait was worth it.

While there is no way to tell when SJCAM will exactly be ready to release, we know they will close down for most of February for the Chinese New Year holiday.

Add another 1.5 months for finishing adding functionality and testing and we are looking at around April 15. This is the same month the SJ7 Star started shipping regularly in 2017.

Right in time for Summer vacation and Back-to-School! Yeah!

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the SJ8 series in our comments section.

SJCAM would like to thank everyone for your continued patience!

– PoshGadgets Team





Breaking News: SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K 60fps Action Camera is coming!


Oh man, has PoshGadgets got news for you!

This is going to be a pretty long one, as what I am about to tell you will show how a Chinese company intends to jump into its next phase of products and seal its rank among the big guns.

We’ll talk about what the title says.
The upcoming dual-screen native-4K/60fps SJ8 PRO.
It is the newest action camera that SJCAM will use to shake up the market, yet again.
But first, the feature list:


  • Ambarella H22S85
  • SONY IMX377
  • 4K @60fps/ 1080p @120fps
  • 12MP Photos
  • 30M Water Resistant IP68 in Waterproof Case
  • 8x Zoom
  • 7G Aspherical Lens
  • WiFi 2.4/5.8gGHz
  • H.264/H.265
  • 1200mAh Battery
  • Dual Stereo Microphones
  • Cloud Storage
  • Gyro Stabilization
  • IPS 2.33″ IPS LCD Touchscreen
  • 0.96″ Front Screen
  • Voice Control

SJCAM has been hard at work with this new souped-up camera, an amalgamation of all the strong points of the SJ6 Legend and the SJ7 Star, minus all the hiccups.

AMBARELLA Logo.PNGWith an Ambarella H22S85 System-on-Chip sitting mighty on the main board’s throne, this powerhouse of a chipset is capable of encoding in both H.264 (AVC) and the more recent H.265 (10-bit HEVC-10). What’s more is that it is driven by a Quad-Core ARM® Cortex-A53 for advanced analytics.

Yea, but what does it all mean? It means the SJ8 Pro will have plenty of room for great advancements and capabilities. It’s like growing an extra pair of arms and legs to use for working.

It also means 4K recording is just a regular task for the SJ8 Pro, as now it can easily do 60 fps. That’s twice the framerate of what the SJ7 can!
And on 1080p resolution, it can do 120 frames per second, piece of cake.

SONY Logo.PNGMatched with a Sony IMX377 sensor, this makes the usage of the muscle-chipset worthwhile, as this is where the humongous 4K feed will come from.
7G glass.PNGThe 7-layer aspherical Glass lenses makes sure that images fed into the sensor are free from what are commonly called “aberrations” and other such visual abnormalities.

1200 mAh batt.PNGThere are plenty that this thing will be boasting about, the 1200mAh battery will surely be enough to power the SJ8 Pro for well more than an hour of recording, and possibly a lot more at lower resolutions.

If you look at the specifications list, you will see Dual Stereo Microphones which could very well be intended for the rumored noise-cancellation other than just for Stereoscopic audio (left and right), which is also a first in the SJCAM action camera line, again we’ll see how this goes upon the release, roughly set towards the end of January or early February 2018.
1511876870.pngI was informed that the bigger and remarkably wider 2.33-inch touchscreen is not just an IPS display (In-Plane Switching), but also packs a helluva lot more pixels-per-inch and looks very much like the screens of the top 2 phone maker’s flagship phones. What’s even crazier is that the interface is a lot more fluid and and several generations ahead in response time than previous touchscreen models. This is one camera to beat.

SJ8 front LCD.PNGAnd like the SJ6 Legend, the SJ8 Pro will have a front LCD screen, albeit small for 0.96 inches, is useful when setting the camera down on a tripod or a mount so you can see what’s happening while controlling it with the SJRemote.

This camera, like with any other SJCAM action camera, will use a waterproof case for diving up to 30 Meters below surface of water. There’s also 8x digital zoom in the specs, but any camera enthusiast worth his salt knows that magnifying an image digitally is nothing more than just cropping the image and presenting it to you at full screen.

4K EIS.PNGWhat’s exciting to find out is the new gyro stabilization (aka EIS). It will most highly likely be up to 4K @30fps so rounding out the bumps in real-time video recording at that level will be a feat in itself, but we’ll soon see how that will be implemented.

But wait! There’s more! The SJ8 Pro will be using USB-C for many purposes. Expect faster data transfers, better FPV/drone control, and even live-preview, all in just one micro port.
Of course, like the previous model-series releases, RAW and Distortion Correction will be there too, only faster and processed more efficiently.

And just before I wrap this up, I know you’re asking what that cloud storage and voice control in the feature list are about. Not mentioned in there, too, is the much-rumored GPS. I guess we’ll have to wait until we get some more info on that. Stay tuned and also check out the News Pages on the Official SJCAM Website.

Oh and, there will be 2 other variants of the SJ8: SJ8 Air and SJ8 Plus.
The Air model will utilize a Novatek NT96658 chipset matched to a Panasonic MN34110PA sensor, and like in the SJ6 series, will not have the front screen; while the Plus model is rumored to use a Novatek NT96683 and matched to a Sony IMX117. Those are absolutely solid combos, but will still place the SJ8 Pro model way ahead of the pack. We truly are seeing better and better specs from SJCAM and it seems they are in a roll and gaining on the competition. We’ll see how this goes.
Meanwhile, get your wallet ready. You already know you want this.

I hear there’s chatter in the community forums as well, so take a peek in there or join in the discussions.

That’s it for now, until the next update.

TrueFyre  (originally posted here).

SJCAM SJ8 Air Action Camera Specs & Review

SJ8 Air is the standard model of the SJ8 series. Like the SJ8 Plus, the Air is powered by a Novatek chipset. The SJ8 Air has a 14mp Panasonic sensor. Other features include:  2.33″ Retina screen touchscreen, 1200mAh high capacity Battery, 7G Lens, gyro stabilization, and external external microphone & remote support.

Novatek NTK96658
Panasonic MN34110PA
1080P / 60fps
Photos: 14mp
7G Aspherical Lens
IPS 2.33” Touch Screen
30M Water resistant
1200mah Battery
*External Remote & Mic Optional

Stay tuned to Poshgadgets as we will be releasing more definitive specs, photos, release dates and pricing as the information slowly comes from our sources at SJCAM.


SJCAM SJ8 Plus Native 4K Action Camera IMX117 Specs

SJCAM SJ8 Plus is the second most powerful camera in the SJ8 series. Equipped with a Novatek NTK96683 chipset and 12mp sensor, the SJ8 Plus records native 4K at 30fps. Other features include: 2.33″ touch screen, 7G Lens, H.265, gyro stabilization, external microphone & remote support.

Novatek 96683
4K / 30fps 1080P / 120fps
Photos: 12mp
7G Aspherical Lens
2.33” IPS Touch Screen / 0.96″ Front Screen
30M Water Fesistant
1200mah Battery
*External Remote & Mic Optional

Stay tuned to Poshgadgets as we will be releasing more definitive specs, photos, release dates and pricing as the information slowly comes from our sources at SJCAM.


SJCAM SJ8 Pro Native 4k 60fps Action Camera IMX377 Specs


SJ8 Pro has the highest specs of SJ8 series. Equipped with a powerful Ambarella chipset and 12mp Sony sensor, the SJ8 Pro can record native 4K at 60fps. Other hot-spots include: 2.33″ touch screen, 7G lens, voice control, gyro stabilization, 8x digital zoom, external microphone & remote support.

Ambarella H2-2S85
4K / 60fps 1080P / 120fps
Photos: 12mp
7G Aspherical Lens
IPS 2.33” Touch Screen
30M Water Resistant
8x Zoom
1200mah Battery
*External Remote & Mic Optional

Stay tuned to Poshgadgets as we will be releasing more definitive specs, photos, release dates and pricing as the information slowly comes from our sources at SJCAM.

SJCAM SJ8 Air SJ8+ Plus & SJ8 Pro coming soon!

Hello SJCAM Fans,

Many people have been waiting for an update on the “SJ8 The Great” that was first leaked on the Poshgadets blog in August.  SJCAM is slowly releasing more details about the now SJ8 Series.

SJ8 Air will be the low spec model of the SJ8 Series featuring a Novatek Chip and Omnivision or Sony Sensor (to be confirmed)

SJ8+ Plus will also be powered by a Novatek chip and a higher resolution Sony sensor.

SJ8 Pro will be powered by an Ambarella H22 chipset and had a Sony sensor as original leaked in this blog.

Please stay tuned for more  details on the SJ8 Series as we will be releasing pictures and more tentative specs shortly.


SJCAM SJ8 Native 4k 60fps Dual Screen GPS Action Camera picture leaked + Wishlist!

We at Posh Gadgets have just received a leaked picture of the SJ8 4K@60fps Action Camera from SJCAM. While this is not the first 4K@60fps action camera in the World, the SJ8 is poised to support other feature other features that cameras in its class currently don’t. The blog is part leaked info, part speculation. Definitive SJ8 specs are due to be released on the SJCAM site around October 2017.

First off, the SJ8 will be the first action cam to support 4K@60fps camera with dual screens. It will have a large 2.33-inch touchscreen on the back and 0.96″ touch screen on the front. Just like the SJCAM SJ6 Legend has. This is great for when taking selfies or operating camera by remote or app.

Secondly, there is a great possibility that the SJ8 will support GPS. This would probably be external and be and be optional. This would make the SJ8 a premiere action camera that could double down as a top-notch dashcam as well – Best of both Worlds really. Pressing the envelope a bit further, we’d like to see PiP (Picture-in-Picture) added which would allow the SJ8 to have a “slave” back camera when being used as dashcam. This is more of a “Wish” than anything else.

Like other action cams in its category, the SJ8 will support EIS up to 4K@30fps. This is more than enough for action camera usage. Ambarella may or may not add support for the H22 at 4k@60fps at a later date.

The leaked picture is also only a rendering of an early prototype. The 2.33″ screen is the only thing that has been set in stone. This means the button shape, UI design, and even the rubberized plastic housing could be changed by release. Wish #2: Change case to aluminum housing with iPhone-esque matte finish and beveled edges; A throwback to the SJ7 Star.

Tentative SJCAM SJ8 Specs Include: (Not Confirmed Yet)
Ambarella H22 Chipset
Sony IMX377 Sensor
Dual Screen – 2.33″ Touchscreen + 0.96″ Front
GPS (External)
FPV Mode (PWM)
RAW Support
Live Streaming
24fps / 25fps
Voice Control
Dual Microphones
2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi
Distortion Correction
USB Type-C
External Mic Support
2.4GHz Remote Support
Slow Motion
EIS (Gyro) up to 4K30Fps

This wraps up the tentative specs roster for the SJCAM SJ8. The wishlist could go on forever though.

Another unconfirmed matter of business will be the SJ8’s surname. The SJ6 Legend “Recorded Legendary.” The SJ7 Star allowed us to “Reach for the Stars.” SJ8 may be the “Greatest of 2018” or the “Jack or All Trades.” One thing is for certain, SJ8 has a great chance of knocking Gopro off of the King of Action Camera throne.

Depending on how much attention this SJ8 leak blog gets, SJCAM will probably be tuned to it soon. Just in case they may be reading, feel free to list your SJ8 “X” questions, comments, and wishes below.



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